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Qian Lie Sue Wan
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1 bottle of 200 pills , take 10 pills , 2-3 times daily Ingredients:
Yin Yang Huo (Herba Epimedii)
Huang Qi (Radix Astragali)
Pu Huang (Pollen Typhae)
Che Qian Cao (Herba Plantaginis)
Chuan Niu Xi (Radix Cyathulae)

No Sugar, No Artificial Colors, 100% Natural

Suggested Dosage:
5-8 pills each time, 2-3 times a day

200 pills per bottle
200 pills per bottle

200 Tablets / Bottle 200 Pills / Bottle

Chinese herbal formula that tonifies the kidneys and promotes urinary health. Address' urinary complaints such as frequent urination, urinary urgency, related to chronic prostatitis or prostate enlargement

1 fl oz., 30-60 drops 2-3 times a day as needed in juice or water.

Formula may contain small amounts of herbal precipitate (small particles) due to the strength of the preparation.

ProstaEase is used as a male prostate tonic to help prevent prostate swelling that is common to most men in mid-life and on. It will help reduce prostate swelling keep testosterone healthy and help maintain a healthy libido
Prostate Health Support
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Jie Jie Wan, Qian Lie Xian Wan
Invigorates the Blood, clears heat, expels toxic-heat, drains dampness, tonifies qi
200 Pills per bottle

Take 2-3 tablets , twice daily
Prostacare is formulated with Tribulus to support the body's natural efforts to balance hormones and support normal prostate gland. ProstaCare supports normal immune efforts in the urinary canal to control bacterial populations and promote urinary tract health, and contains key bladder-supportive herbs like Three-Leaf Caper and Bonduc to support the normal flow and elimination of water waste. For support of normal overall urogenital function.

120 Vegetarian Capsules