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West Lake Tea
Our Price: $5.95
Jiaogulan Tea
Our Price: $7.98
Product Description Ingredients: green tea, lotus seed, Asian ginseng (leaf), Chinese asparagus (root tuber). The West Lake Tea Which (sic) is based on the green tea of Tian Mu Mountain of Hang Zhou has been skillfully prepared into this refreshing beverage in China. It helps you feel better when you have the urge to smoke. It is all natural without any artificial additives. Please enjoy the tea for your healthy life. Instant Throat Soother Tea helps promote bronchial health. Helps maintain the body's natural balance and a healthy respiratory system.

15 Tea Packets in a box.
This is a natural product extracted from the Jiaogulan plant. Tests have shown that it helps regulate metabolism and can delay the aging process. Jiaogulan Tea contains more than 80 nutrients, including Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals such as selenium and germanium plus other essential nutrients that the human body requires for good health. Contains 40 bags of tea.
China Classic Oolong
Our Price: $10.98
20 tea bags per box. concentrated & % 100 natural 1 box of 100 teabags , a rich tasting restaurant tea , that complements all regional Chinese cuisines . Can be used hot or cold Si Wu Tea - Beauty Care Herbal Tea is time-tested traditional soothing herbal tea blend, specially formulated for women of all ages to maintain and regulate feminine balance in their body, while enhancing and nourishing overall health and beauty care. By increasing metabolism and regulating bodily functions. Si Wu Tea will help illuminate and tonify your facial skin for a healthy and natural glow. Other benefits include anti-aging effects and hormonal balance. Regulating menstruation will also help nourish, restore, and revitalize the body for greater feminine care.

10 Tea bags per box