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Broncklin Extract - Jie Geng Wan
Our Price: $5.75
Sale Price: $1.00
Savings: $4.75
Dandelion Combo (Liu Ling Liu Xiao Yan)
Our Price: $4.60
Sale Price: $1.00
Savings: $3.60
Hawthorn Fruit Combo Tea Extract
Our Price: $4.95
Sale Price: $1.99
Savings: $2.96
200 Pills per bottle

10 capsule 450 mg each
Take 1-2 capsules 3 times a day with warm water for 2 weeks

A herbal dietary supplement that may help promote and maintain a healthy urinary system, eczema, intestinal gas, joint pain and loss of appetite
Hawthorn Fruit Combo Tea Extract - Jiang Zhi Wan
150 Pills per bottle

EXPIRED 10/2014
Huo Shu Ning Pian
Our Price: $2.98
Osherb Tea Extract (Kang gu Zeng sheng Pian)
Our Price: $4.95
Sale Price: $2.99
Savings: $1.96
1 box of 10 pills , a herbal supplement that may help maintain a healthy respiratory system . Dietary herbal supplement Only 3 left in stock - Expires January 2015
A dietary herbal supplement which may help to maintain general circulation and a healthy skeletal system
Jingzhi Yinqiao pian
Our Price: $3.25
Sanhuang Pian
Our Price: $3.25
May be helpful for sore throat, gingivitis, mouth ulcers, tongue ulcers, hoarse voice

24 Tablets per box (2x12 tablets) <br>
Net Wt. 0.6g

1 box of 24 tablets (250 mg each), 1 box of 24 tablets (300mg each)
Shireqing Pian
Our Price: $3.25
Penqiangjing Pian
Our Price: $3.35
Chun Xin Lian Pian
Our Price: $3.95
30 Tablets per box, 500mg each tablet

Penqiangjing Pian is also known as the pelvic cleaning capsule

30 Tablets per box, 410mg each tablet

Herbal nutrient combination consisting of andrographis , dandelion and isatis root .1 box of 100 tablets (300mg each)
1 box of 12 bags May benefit Neurosism, Insomnia, Amnesia, Impotence, Seminal Emision ,Dizziness and Blurred Vision. 6 bottles per pack , take 1 bottle , twice daily
Qing Kailing Gao
Our Price: $3.95
The consumption of Fish Oil can nutritionally assist in the health and function of the heart and cardiovascular system, central nervous system , vision , joints and connective tissue 1 bottle of  , 3g .
Herbal supplement for Throat cooling & Soothing, Cough Suppressant and Oral Anesthetic

3.3 fl oz bottle
2 Tablespoons and let it dissolve in the mouth slowly 3 times a day.

Ma Ying Long Hemorrhoid Ointment
Our Price: $6.15
Sale Price: $3.99
Savings: $2.16
Chen Li Pill (Jian Pi Yi Chang)
Our Price: $5.95
Sale Price: $3.99
Savings: $1.96
Pien Tze Huang Ointment
Our Price: $16.25
Sale Price: $4.00
Savings: $12.25
Expires February 2016
10 gram tube of Ma Ying Long Hemorrhoid Ointment
Apply to affected area 2 times a day

1 box of 120 pills (300mg each) , a traditional dietary herbal supplement that helps maintain proper digestive function and a healthy intestinal system , by establishing the body's natural balance
Apply to insect bites as needed
Ping Chuan Pill
Our Price: $4.05
30 tablets per box , may help maintain a healthy throat and bronchial system 120 Pills per bottle 250 mg each, take 10 pills 3 times a day
This formula is typically used to treat wheezing and coughing with a thick sticky yellow phelgm. As well as bronchitis, asthma and emphysema

Ren Shen Yang Rong Wan - Digestin Extract is a traditional herbal supplement that helps promote qi and blood for general well being. Traditionally used for mental fatigue, anorexia, loose stools, chronic consumptive diseases, palpitation due to heart deficiency and dry throat and lip.

200 pills per bottle (160mg each)
Net Wt. 1.13oz (32g)

Kete Ling Capsules
Our Price: $4.25
Zheng Gu Shui
Our Price: $4.35
Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Wan
Our Price: $4.35
Kete Ling is an herbal formula that helps promote and maintain a healthy bronchial system. Eliminate discomfort and maintain healthy functions of the body during the changing seasons.

30 Tablets, 500mg each per bottle

1 fl. oz (30 ml) per bottle

This is a famous herbal formula in traditional Chinese Medicine to promote regularity and a healthy digestive system during a cold or flu.
100 Pills per bottle

Daily herbal supplement to help rejuvenate you , for men and women 1 bottle of 100 pills, help promote healthy skeletal and joint health . 1 bottle of 100 tablets