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Siberian Ginseng
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50 Capsules per bottle, 500mg each
The only difference between a queen and worker bee is that the queen is fed Royal Jelly, which is very rich in amino acids (the building blocks of protein), vitamins (especially B5), minerals, live enzymes and an anti-microbial known as 10-HDA. The queen goes on to lay millions of eggs and lives up to 40 times longer. Royal Jelly is one of the world's most complete concentrated natural food sources. Imperial Royal Jelly contains fresh Royal Jelly which is freeze-dried into powder, thus concentrating and preserving it.

50 Capsules per bottle, 500mg each
Imperial Elixir selects top quality six-year-old Chinese Red Ginseng roots grown in the Chang Pai mountains in the Jilin Province because they are renowned for their long-term stamina building capabilities. They combine the ginseng with fresh, freeze-dried Royal Jelly with its rich amino acid and B-vitamin composition that enriches and nourishes. A popular product for yin people looking for both a quick boost from the Royal Jelly and stamina enhancement from the Ginseng.
120 Siberian Ginseng , Eleuthero Extract Capsules .It is considered as a normalizer , stress reducer and energizer .It has been traditionally used to decrease stress and fatigue .It is often used as a tonic to invigorate a person physically and mentally .

50 Capsules per bottle, 500mg each
This "Yin" member of the ginseng family comes from freshly harvested and dried Wisconsin roots. Cooling, yet balancing, it is used by people under stress from work, athletics or from diet. Imperial Elixir utilizes twenty-five years of experience in the selection of the five-year-old American Ginseng Roots purchased direct from the farmer for freshness. This hand selection process assured a high quality ginseng product. Imperial Elixir uses whole roots to guarantee a full range of ginseng's many constituents.
50 Capsules per bottle, 300mg each
Korean Red Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) is the best ginseng root in Korea are purchased by the government and cured into Korean Red Ginseng. It is called the "King of Ginsengs", and is considered to be the most yang stimulating variety, reputedly increasing energy and stamina. Imperial Elixir uses only the authentic Korean Red Ginseng purchased directly from the Korean government to ensure high potency.